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According to the new law the entities such as staffing agencies, landlords, property owners, law firms, financial institutions, law firms and companies that actually do background checks on people are now allowed to run a criminal check too. But this is possible only when they have received a written consent from the concerned person.

There are laws in place and available that are in place regarding the pre- employment screening but they are variable and in addition some have privacy and civil rights law governing background checks. A state law is always subject to change. The law states that criminal history background check is required for employees of public and non public schools which are licensed or approved child and adult care facilities. Criminal records checks are also required for persons employed in community based service providers, children’s behavioral heath programs, residential and nursing care institutions and home health agencies, information technology personal.

There different types of law that functions in different ways. The federal discrimination law might also function as background check laws. For instance the employer can not use reports against low income minorities or a disabled person in any aspect of employment. In a sate level the defamation law works as background check law and they protect the employees from any slander by the previous employers. An attorney generals office will furnish the details as to what extent the employer might consider criminal records for the employment decisions under the states background check laws or equivalents.

In certain states background check laws or equivalents may also require the employers to write a service letter to the former employee as to ensure if the employers and former employees do not change their stories. And the service letter has to disclose the following aspects of employment such as the work history, pay and reasons for employment termination and so on. Despite restrictive background check laws and equivalents, it's not uncommon for employers to overstep their bounds. To complicate matters, credit reports and other personal records are often inaccurate or incomplete

A previous conviction cannot be used as basis to deny employment or a professional license, unless the conviction is for felony and it directly relates to the job or license sought. If a person refuses to answer a pre employment inquiry that is unlawful under the main human rights act or the main human rights commission rules he cannot be denied employment. These laws are designed in such a way to ensure that no one is harmed by these background checks and they only benefit from it.

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