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Military background check was initiated long back and it used to be done by police whereas nowadays it is purchased as a service from private business. The main advantage of military background checks is to confirm the information found in the application/resume/curriculum vitae and to see to the honesty of the employee.

The categories under which the military background check is conducted are broadly classified into four headings.  They are the pre-employment screening, credit check, criminal history check and government security clearance screening.

The variety of checks done in the military background check are the educational verification like the name of the school, degrees and professional qualifications, year of birth and year of passing out from school/college or military academies. Employment reference check, character reference check, gaps in employment history, verification of the present and past address of the candidate, terrorist check, check on the validity of the pass port, money laundering, credit history like bankruptcy and criminal history check. It also includes the Driving Records Check, the Licensing Verification, Military Record Verification and International background check. Criminal background checks are done in the court records of the county, state or federal levels. The crime is classified into two levels either felonies, or misdemeanors. Felony is a major crime and punished severely up to death sentence, whereas misdemeanor are lesser crime and it can be petty theft or assault and it is punished by fines or a mild imprisonment

The reports of the military background check is done quickly and submitted in a variety of formats which is convenient for the user as well as the organization. These reports are provided through fax, remote software, secure website and e-mails.  The report can be prepared in a couple of days and the military background check report contains the following details. Full name and gender, military branch of service, military status whether active duty or reserve or veteran etc.  If the employee is in active duty then the name, rank, date of commission in the military services will be recorded in the report.  In case the person is retired, the date of retirement, the pension amount, dependent members of the family etc. Finally it shows the military pay grade.

The military organization has a wide range of information and technology which could be helpful for the enemies.  Any unauthorized release may cause a war, and may loose our military and civil personals. An investigation into the security clearance check ensures that the particular military personal can be allowed to access to national security information.

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