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All that glitters is not gold. Similarly, all the doctors who have a degree are not considered to be great specialists. “Health is Wealth” is a famous saying. If your health is not so good, one must not ignore it but consult the physician in the initial stages itself. If you are new to a place, or any doctor refers you to a physician or you don’t know any other physician who is qualified, experienced and specialized in that field that you need, the best way to find out is to get the physicians background checks.

Normally, a background check is conducted in advance when you are going for a job interview by the hiring hospital. The hospital, which is going to hire the services of a physician, spends time, money and resources to check whether the candidate is suitable to work in the hospital, as the lives of the patients and the public should be well protected.

There are many online ways to check about your physicians’ background checks, but care should be taken to select the proper paid and experienced online websites. Some of the online background check websites provide free services, which is not so reliable, it is always better to go for paid services and not to be in a hurry, and scrutinize the physician carefully. All you need to provide is the name of the physician, current or old address of the physician, rest the websites take over and go ahead with the physicians’ background checks.

Before the background check starts, the physician will be asked to sign an authorization for the release of the said information. It is a comprehensive letter with the details of the physician’s name, date of birth and social verification number. With these above information, the background check starts linking up with civil records search, court records, criminal records, etc.

The physician background check normally includes details about the physicians past or present legal action for malpractice, the place where the physician got his license, other allied license details, educational qualification, the name of the college/university, experience and specialty training of the physician, the year of graduation, any legal action of any fraud or disciplinary action etc.

Some of the websites also provide update free service up to 12 months after the first physician report. They provide information with new disciplinary information received by any of their database. All good doctors should not worry about their background check. Public and patients should always do physicians’ background check, keeping in mind the famous saying, Prevention is better than cure.

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