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Owning a house is a great asset.  It is not only the owning which is very important but also maintaining it with proper care if you are residing in your own house.  Sometimes, there may be circumstances that you have to let out your house in the hands of the tenants.  Before letting the house, it is safer to do an exhaustive Rental Background Check on the tenant, so that you are sure you will get back your monthly rent on time, and moreover your house will be well looked after.

The tenant’s background information like the name, address, phone number, age, marital status, social security number and children details should be gathered.  The date of birth is a good record to check about the tenant’s criminal history. Proprietary database records are often indexed with social security number. The tenant’s educational background, the employment background, his criminal history or legal history if any, the name of his/her relatives should be obtained. The tenant assets, financial conditions, the driving license details, his employer and previous landlord, military records, if applicable and medical history should be acquired.

After acquiring the above details, confirmation of the above information is a must.  It can be done through Address History Search and through the list of relatives, roommates and business partners. Through the General Records Searches, a variety of data like the birth, marriages, divorces and deaths can be got from public records. Financial searches can show the financial standing of the tenant. County records can show about the bankruptcies, tax liens and evictions. Driver’s History Records gives information about the license details, any accidents or any traffic violations and so on. Sex Offenders Search and Nationwide Criminal Record Searches help to detect the same.

Similarly Rental Background Checks should be conducted for your prospective roommate also. When a search is made for a roommate the web site experts try and match the qualifications, compatibility and area. In business also while managing rental property; these business background checks should be done.

The Rental Agreement helps indirectly while you do the tenant screening. In the agreement the details like the amount of rent, mode of payment, due date for every month for the payment, penalty for late payment, names of the people occupying the unit should be mentioned clearly. If all these searches are made before letting your property then the landlord and tenant both will be happy.

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