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There are many states in the United States and there are many websites which provide the important information on State Background Checks.  Some of the states have open records maintained by the local and state government agencies and are open to general public for inspection. Juvenile records are confidential whereas an adult criminal record in the CIB (Crime Information Bureau) data base is open for inspection. Criminal History database is based on the submission by the police department on arrest fingerprint cards. A search fee is charged even it there is no record found. Some of the agencies who regularly check the records normally billed monthly fees through the CIB.

Some states who do not release any information are called the closed record states. Some states release only conviction information and other states release both conviction and arrest information.

Most of the police departments will have open arrest reports wherein the general public can view the records on request provided they give the date of arrest, local police case number and other identifying information.

Licensing section also conducts State Background Checks.  The three steps involved are the submission of the application, with finger print card and the processing fees.  It takes two to three months to get the report.

School employee background check is conducted state wise. Any new applicant has to complete the state and national background checks. In that case the Board of Educational Examiners issues a temporary permit to individuals who have successfully completed the State Background Checks, child abuse registry, and the sex offender registry.  Once the FBI clarifies then the particular state license will be issued.

State Background Checks can be done by search by name, search by address and search by phone.  The background results contains information like age, address, 20 years of address history, phone numbers, bankruptcies, tax liens and   judgments, property ownerships, relatives, roommates, alias/maiden names, marriage and divorce, DEA residents and website ownerships.

Sex offenders’ database contains records from multiple cities, state, county and national sex offenders’ registries.   Search can be made by zip, name, city or county. Similarly death record, law suits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, home value, property ownership, address history, marriage records and many more should be checked state wise.

Church also do state wide or nation wide background checks for the volunteers and staff members to work with children, especially if the volunteer is from a different state or nation. Each state should exercise the State Background Check without any error.

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